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Black Forest Cake

149.00 د.إ
Chocolate sponge layers decorated with chocolate shaving and fresh strawberry on top

Butter Scotch Cake

149.00 د.إ
Vanilla sponge layers with caramelized cashew nut and decorated with fresh strawberry on top.

Cappuccino Cake

149.00 د.إ
The alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge layered with white and milk chocolate cream.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

149.00 د.إ
Moist chocolate sponge, chocolate fudge and crispy core chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Cake

149.00 د.إ
Chocolate Sponge with layer's of rich chocolate and ganache cream

Ferrero Rocher Cake

199.00 د.إ
Moist chocolate sponge with layers of rich chocolate ganache folded with Ferrero rocher and decorated with mini crispy core chocolate.

Fresh Mango Cake

149.00 د.إ
Moist vanilla sponge with mango cream decorated with seasonal fresh mango on the top

Fresh Mix Fruit cake

149.00 د.إ
Chopped fruits layer's between moist vanilla sponge decorated with assorted fresh fruits on top.

Honey Cake

149.00 د.إ
Freshly baked honey sponge layers with custard honey cream dusted with honey powder.

Kitkat & Gems Cake 1.5 KG

249.00 د.إ
Moist chocolate sponge filled with delicate coat of ganache and chunk of KitKat loaded with m&m chocolate.

Lotus Cheese Cake

175.00 د.إ
Lotus Biscuit Base with Crushed Lotus Cream Cheese And Decorated With Crushed Lotus Biscuit On Top.