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Hi! Our Bakery has been present for over 20 years in the city. We make the most of all our customers.

We are dedicated to providing you with the finest selection of high-quality products that enrich your life and meet your needs.our mission is simple: to exceed your expectations and become your go-to source for all your Cake needs. We strive to curate a collection of premium products that combine innovation, functionality, and style, ensuring that every purchase you make with us is a satisfying one.

Cake n Bake

We all have those moments in our lives when we feel as if everything needs to be exactly right.


To create moments of joy and celebration by crafting the finest quality cakes that delight the senses and touch the hearts of our customers. With passion and dedication, we aim to exceed expectations, spreading happiness one slice at a time.


To be the preferred destination for indulgent and artistic cakes that define memorable occasions. We aspire to continuously innovate, elevate cake craftsmanship, and set new standards in taste and design. Through our commitment to excellence, we envision becoming a symbol of joy, creativity, and culinary expertise in the world of confections.

2 mtr cake

2 mtr cake

National Day

we are located only

we are located only

at Karama Dubai

What Do We Offer For You?

Discover the Perfect Ingredients for Memorable Moments. Explore our Array of Delights Tailored to Elevate Your Celebrations!

Theme Cakes

Creative Themes 🎉

Wedding cakes

Elegant Love Cakes


Blooms Delight 🌸

Birthday Cakes

Bliss in Every Bite

Photo Cakes

Picture Perfect Cakes


Cocoa Indulgence 🍫


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13B Street- Al Karama

Dubai- UAE


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